Hi, I'm Louise Mathwin and I am the Noodie Foodie. I believe that for our physical and mental health, we need to eat real food, from nature. No matter what you believe about food - whether you are paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, HCLF or anything else in between, the science is clear that we need to eat more plants! Fortunately for me I love plants but I know for others, the challenge can be greater. This might be because you are challenging long term patterns or because you have an imbalance in your microbiome. However you came to be here, I'm glad that you are because incorporating more vegetables into your daily life will reward your health in bucket loads. I'm a nutrition consultant with a Certificate in Functional Nutrition and half a nutrition degree under my belt (the other half I am still studying towards). Join with me for some plant based adventures! 


Louise xx

Blissballs are the snack of the moment but have you noticed how expensive they are in stores? I have also seen that some big manfacturers (even stores that brand themselves as healthy), add all sorts of unhealthy ingredients. Make blissballs cheaply at home and enjoy the flavours and health benefits of this delicious snack. Download my free Blissball Masterclass so that you can find your bliss.