3 tips for a better party season

December 2, 2016

It's official, the holiday season has begun! The round of social gatherings, drinks and parties can leave us feeling exhausted and rather less merry and joyful than we would like.


So I thought it might be helpful to give you three tips for more energy and less exhaustion this party season.


1) drink more water - you'll be surprised at how much better you will feel if you are drinking plenty of water. Not only does water keep us hydrated, it also helps with keeping our eating under control. 90% of hunger is acutally thirst so keep a jug of water at your side. You'll feel more refreshed, be less likely to over eat and help your body to cope with any extra alcohol or foods that you may not normally eat over this party season. 


2) eat more vegetables - vegetables (particularly of the green variety) are great antioxidants which will keep your body healthy and you full of energy. A great way to add vegetables to your day is to take veggie sticks with you as a snack. These are best with a source of fat because some of the vitamins in vegetables are only absorbed by the body when they are consumed with fat. Great sources of fat include hummous dip and guacamole. Perhaps you could add some spinach to eggs for breakfast or an extra serve of vegetables at dinner? And of course you could add a green smoothie to your daily routine! It's a great idea to eat something healthy before you go out to a party too. You'll be fuller so less likely to overeat!


3) lemon juice in warm water - start your day with a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into it. This is a really important way for everyone to begin every day. It will help to keep you free from disease as it alkalises the gut. Sometimes the morning can be rushed so I boil the kettle and either turn it off before it boils (so that the water is warm but not hot) or if I haven't returned to the kettle before it finishes boiling I half fill my mug and then top it up with cold filtered water. Cold water is great to cool the body down when we are hot (this is a great remedy if you are trying to break a temperature) but for our gut health, warmer water is better.


I hope that these 3 easy ideas help you to maintain your great health over the holiday season. This time of year is really busy but these 3 ideas can be incorporated into your day without too much fuss!


If you have some other party season survival tips to share I would love to hear them and pass them on to my readers. You can email me at louise@healthierhabits.com.au.



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