Why popeye ate his spinach

August 26, 2016


Green juices are pretty popular right now but are they really something you should introduce to your daily routine? I think so and here’s why:

  • Green smoothies are pure nutrition. Vitamin levels will vary depending on what you put in and the quality of what you put in but regardless, you’ll still getting great bang for your buck. Green leafy vegetables are packed with antioxidants.

  • If you struggle to eat enough vegetables in your day, you can wipe out a few servings easily with a green smoothie. Don’t like spinach? Don’t worry, you won’t taste it hiding behind the apple. In fact, most people (even those on a highly processed diet) like the taste of a green smoothie.

  • Green vegetables have chlorophyll which closely resembles a molecule of human blood so consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion. Drinking green smoothies will nourish your body.

  • They are a great way to get green vegetables into children. This is great if you are trying to change your child’s (or your own) eating habits. Our gut flora (called our microbiome) feeds on certain foods. If you’ve been consuming high carb high sugar foods, that’s what your gut will crave. You can turn that around with green smoothies. You might start with a higher fruit content and slowly lessen the amount of fruit and increase the amount of veggies. You’ll be looking for more veggies in your day before you know it as your gut flora changes and starts feeding off the good stuff (hence you’ll crave the good stuff and won’t crave the stuff that you’d rather not be consuming so much of!).

  • A green smoothie will keep you going for hours, providing plenty of lasting energy. The veggies help to balance the quick release sugar in fruit keeping you energized for longer.

  • The high fibre content of green smoothies keeps your fuller for longer. Sometimes you might even feel that you’ve just eaten a meal. And fibre is also really important for the elimination end of our digestion.

  • Your body will love the easy digestibility of a green smoothie so it doesn’t need to work so hard to get access to those wonderful nutrients. When we blend the vegetables we rupture the cells making the nutrients more easily accessible. In fact the nutrients start getting absorbed in your mouth.

  • Many people find it hard to drink enough water in their day (you should be aiming for 8 glasses per day). A green smoothie will help to keep you hydrated as you’ll be drinking water within your smoothie.

So why are green smoothies different to the fruit and vegetable juices you can purchase from the supermarket?

  • When juices are extracted from a fruit or vegetable, you get the vitamins and minerals but none of the fibre. When you make your own juice, you keep all that fibre in your juice which is so beneficial to your insides.

  • Vegetables lose nutrition over time, why purchase something that has a long shelf life (often with preservatives) and may have been heat treated when you can make something quickly and easily at home?

  • You can make a green smoothie at home for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one from a fancy juice bar. Make it ‘on the go’ by storing it in a used (but clean!) glass jar.

Drinking green smoothies has a double benefit. Not only do you get the benefits discussed above but every time you reach for a green smoothie is another time that you are not putting something in your mouth that doesn’t serve your body. And whilst it is best to blend your juices fresh, they can be stored in the fridge so you can make a big batch that will last a couple of days.

Got you interested? My green smoothie e-book will be released in a few days with 21 awesome green smoothie recipes (tried and tested on hubby).

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