Why my 3 core beliefs are the answer to your vibrant health and vitality

July 8, 2016


It is interesting how the most simplest of human needs – eating – can be one of the most complicated and difficult of our daily tasks.


At Healthier Habits, we have a food philosophy that is based on our three fundamental core beliefs:

  1. Food should be eaten as close to its natural state as possible.

  2. The preparation of food is a valuable use of time and energy.

  3. Vitalism determines that the human body has an innate intelligence to know when something is wrong and given the right tools, how to fix it.

With these three guiding principles, our aim is to share with you how you can care for your family in the most wholesome way for better health, happiness, wellness and longevity.


Here at Healthier Habits, we don’t subscribe to one particular way of eating. The evolution of humans shows us that throughout the ages we have consumed meat, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and grains. What we do subscribe to is eating foods as close to their source as possible and preparing them in the way that nature intended – whether that is soaking, fermenting or cooking, eating them raw or in their whole, unaltered state. We believe that the food that is provided by the land is the food that is appropriate to humans and we advocate for the removal of processed foods from the diet.


Modern lives are extremely busy and we seem to be overwhelmed with our responsibilities and commitments. Preparing food is an important part of our lives, just as important as basketball training, dance classes and the new season of Game of Thrones. In one or two generations, we seem to have lost the art of food preparation and we are ever keen to get out of our kitchens. The problem is when we outsource the preparation of our food to large scale food production companies, our health and wellness suffers. Families that embrace the joy of cooking learn valuable life skills and spend quality time together.


When we start listening to our bodies, we can hear the complaints about our health. Our bodies tell us in all sorts of ways that something is amiss, something needs to change. Inflammation is the body reacting to a product that causes irritation in the body. It is the beginning of disease in the body. Do you wake every morning with a blocked nose? Do you have a sore hip, knee, back, elbow, shoulder, wrist or any other joint? Do you get migraines or headaches? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, melancholy or skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema? Do you have a child with learning difficulties or behavioural problems? If you listen, your body will tell you. If you remove foods from your diet that may be causing you inflammation, you will see these symptoms stop. As you reintroduce foods, you will notice which foods cause a problem for you and you can decide whether to avoid those foods or deal with the ongoing health price of eating them.


As part of our food philosophy, we also believe that life is for living and that to feel deprivation is just as bad as consuming foods that we consider to be bad for us! There are many ways that we can help protect our bodies from the foods we eat that may not be the best for us. Because let’s face it, life is for living with joy and freedom!


So to help our bodies deal with foods that increase inflammation we can drink green juices, eat fermented vegetables, take a good quality probiotic, drink plenty of water, consume bone broth and increase our intake of vital minerals. When we have a body that operates for the most part in a state of health and wellness, we will not suffer from the occasion excess or consumption of something that disagrees with our biology. Food brings joy in life and should be consumed with joy and gratitude.

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