Why salt is good for you

June 24, 2016



Salt has been used by humans since the beginning of humankind. Our ancestors, both recent and ancient, used salt to cure foods for storage and to improve the nutrient value and digestibility of our foods. Some cultures today, particularly through parts of Europe and Scandinavia, continue to hold salt in high regard for its nutritional value. in fact, salt was so highly valued it used to be a form of currency.


Our body needs salt, there are almost 100 minerals found in salt that are required by our body for normal body function. The balance between salt and water is our body is delicate and we need more salt than we may realize. For every 250ml of water consumed our bodies need 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt.


But salt has a bad name and has been linked to hypertension. This occurred because as the consumption of processed foods increased, so did heart disease. Scientists drew the illogical conclusion that salt was the cause of the problem. What is actually the cause of the problem is the processed foods so much of the population is currently consuming.


As populations exploded, the mass production of salt meant that the quality of salt declined rapidly until all the nutrients were stripped from it. The salt we consume in processed foods and the salt we purchase from the supermarket labelled ‘table salt’ or ‘iodised salt’, is not the salt that our bodies require. We should avoid this salt and remove it from our pantry.


When we eat foods found in nature and not in a package, we do not need to be afraid of salt and you should look to add good quality salt to your food.


For optimum health, humans need to consume good quality salt such as sea salt or Himalayan rock salt. We can enjoy this salt for the flavour it adds to our food and the minerals is provides to our bodies. Science now shows us that the consumption of good quality salt does not cause hypertension and we do not need to remove this from our diet for good health. In fact the opposite is true, the human body requires good quality salt that has retained its minerals, for optimum health and function.

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