Green Smoothie Your Way to Better Health

green smoothie your

way to better health

21 days

If you've ever thought about introducing green smoothies into your daily routine or if you've never thought of the amazing benefits a green smoothie can bring to your health, the 21 day green smoothie your way to better health has been created just for you. Greens are potent antioxidants, help alkalise our body for great health and weight loss and kick start the amount of vegetables you are getting in your day.

Sign up and we'll email you once per week for 3 weeks with recipes for 7 days of green smoothies so that you can get organised with all you will need. Following a green smoothie programme has never been easier. And its free! Reap the rewards and sign up here

green smoothie your way to better health
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I love gelatin. It can be used in so many ways. I use the Changing Habits gelatin because it is an organic, chemical free product that is full of amino acids which are great for boosting immune function and weight regulation. Here is a recipe that my children love - fancy lollies being healthy! Love it!

Are you trying to feed your family food that is packed with nutrition, tastes amazing but doesn't keep you a slave to the kitchen? 

Feeding your family healthy food doesn't need to be stressful, time consuming and expensive. There is another way!

Imagine an end to that stress and hassle of what to feed your family. Ahhh sounds heavenly right?

Pause that thought and make it your reality with my FREE 7 day family meal planner. I'll teach you how to plan your meals to get those most out of your day. Click the link below to access.

Hi, I'm Louise Mathwin, a 39 year old mum with two pretty fantastic children (read between the lines they bring out the best and worst in me!), an awesome husband (although I still have to ask him to wash the dishes - what's with that BTW?), a maltese-shitzu (ahh...unconditional love) and an absolute passion for health and wellness. I'm not talking here of a really avid interest, I'm talking about chew-your-ear-off obesessed with health and wellness. Don't get that confused with living a totally clean life and never eating junk (we'll get to my closet eating when we know each other better). 

I decided about 2 years ago that this burning, nagging feeling about nutrition might just be something I should think about more seriously (up until then I had spent my career working in law and politics). I felt desperate to help the families around me find great healthy food options that children would love. And I felt consumed with frustration about the amount of processed food I saw being served to our children as food. 


So in Jamie Oliver style (although with far less flair and without the accent) I turned my compass to sharing my knowledge about how the human body works and how important food and lifestyle are to living a long and great life with those around me. 


It's taken a whole lot of courage (I describe it as feeling like I am naked on the internet) and heaps of frustration and tantrums over my lack of IT skills, but I'm really proud and happy to be bringing my readers relevant and useful information and strategies. Whether you already have great health and want a community and some continual information or need a health overhaul to get your health back on track (or somewhere in between), you're in the right place. I'm absolutely passionate about helping families achieve great health whilst navigating the realities of modern life.

In truth, I discovered a passion for nutrition about 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. And the idea for Healthier Habits was first born (although I didn't know that then!). I had no idea of the enormity of how my life was about to change. 

Over the next decade I battled anxiety and loneliness and struggled with feeling lost and overwhelmed. Many cross roads presented themselves to me (as they do!) and I discovered a burning passion for nutrition. 

I studied an internationally accredited nutrition course, implementing that knowledge into my own family and walked away knowing in my belly that I wanted to use that knowledge to help other mums and dads provide great food and health for themselves and their families.

The knowledge that I have gained, my understanding of how the body works and how food impacts on our physical and mental health has changed my life and the life of my family so dramatically we are almost unrecognisable. 

For me personally, to overcome my anxiety has been so rewarding and brings such a relief to my day to day life. I am committed to sharing my knowledge to help other men and women be relieved of their physical and mental pain too.

As my children have grown I have seen the enormous benefit to them to have great health. I am a strong advocate that children's food should nourish them and set up their eating habits for life. We are growing the next generation and we want them to be vibrant contributors. The foods that we feed children are often laden with chemicals that play havoc with their long term health.

I also know how overwhelming it can be to feed children, I sometimes feel this too. Part of my passion for nutrition is showing parents how easy and affordable it can be to feed children well with foods that they will love.

My passion for health and wellness is shared in these pages. I will teach you how to make small, sustainable changes in your daily life to create healthier habits for a better quality of life. 

You can also follow me on social media. 

I don’t believe in diets and I don't believe in strict rules that dictate what I can and cannot eat. I believe that life is about fulfilment and plentitude rather than deprivation and limitation. I believe that foods nourish and that when I listen to my body, I know how and when to eat.


The Healthier Habits food philosophy can be found here

I respect the human body and its innate intelligence to tell us when something is wrong and to know how to heal. I believe that food is more than a calorie put into your mouth. I see the body as a whole and understand that everything works in unison. And I love that nutrition can be the medicine to physical and mental health challenges and diseases.

I'm so thrilled to have you on this journey too.



I created Healthier Habits after studying nutrition to share with other parents my passion for health and wellness for families. I know how busy modern families are and how stressful it can be to give children wholesome food that they will eat.

I believe that we can create lasting change in our lives by making small and regular changes to our habits. 

On my website you will find some recipes to help you create awesome food and heaps of information to help you give your family the very best health.

I'd love you to join my mailing list so you can get regular information to help you bring great health to your family.

If you need some one-on-one time, whether to deal with a specific problem or get some detailed advice, please email me. I would love to help you to create healthier habits in your life for a happier, healthier you!

Join me in my quest to create healthier habits for yourself and your family.

      Louise     xx

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